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Courthouse and Gaol The weatherboard courthouse (1877) is located in Glendinning St.

It has a small display of historic items and it can be inspected by appointment, tel: (03) 5570 1377.

Either way, we’re sure the people of the city will have no complains.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 will see some hot new Angels getting their wings.

This might be because of the city’s skyline, stunning aquarium and famed winding classical garden.

The township began to emerge around a river crossing on the Glenelg for those travelling between Melbourne and Adelaide.

But since Jasmine Tooks introduced the world to the ₹19,46,17,500 Fantasy Bra last year, we wonder how the show-runners will manage to top that.

Balmoral Small country service town Balmoral is a small rural service centre of 214 people picturesquely situated on the banks of the Glenelg River amidst river red gums and undulating countryside where wool still predominates.

They constructed large-scale artificial drainage systems to the north-east of Balmoral. D., these channels, which covered an area of 3 km, drained marshy ground lying between two natural swamps.

When it rained the swamps overflowed and eels and fish were flushed into the channels where a series of traps were established.

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In the early 1950s, 600 construction workers arrived in the area to build Rocklands Dam.

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